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Due to technical problems, shopping in our online store is currently closed. Once we resolve all issues, shopping will resume.

What is Letse snoepjes?

Company name is Letse (KVK 76188558; VAT: NL003056496B33; Country: Netherland). It is a company who offers various sweets, cookies, bread, prepared meals and honey from Latvia. If you have questions, then send us the email: info@letsesnoepjes.nl  

What assortment do we have?

We have sweets and cookies for different tastes, for example, sweets and cookies for vegan people, RAW sweets and cookies, sweets with garlic and more. We also offer various types of bread to order, such as rye bread, sweet and sour bread, grain bread, yeast-free bread, wholemeal bread and white bread. And that's not all. Full assortment you can find in the our online shop. Every week we increase our assortment.

Why choose products from Latvia?

All products are made according to ancestral recipes and most of them are made by hand. Cultural differences make it possible to taste unknown flavors. And every products have a part of love of the manufacturer's. 

Are products from Latvia safe for health?

The products have the European standards for quality and packaging safety. As well as products are stored in the designated degrees. Similarly, in the product descriptions, all allergens are carefully listed for the safety of our customers.

How to order?

You can order through the online store, following all instructions. And you can also order by e-mail: info@letsesnoepjes.nl and we will send you an invoice.

What is the "Pre order" section?

The "Pre order" section provides an opportunity to shop without certain limits - order exactly as much as you need and not as much as we have in stock at the moment. In the pre order section you will always find several types of bread; products that we do not keep in stock due to low purchasing power; as well as the products of our new partners. The pre order section is open every 2 weeks - on Thursday. And you can shop until Sunday or Monday at 23:59. We ship from the warehouse starting Monday of the following week. The pre order section is variable - every 2 weeks we try to place something new and rotate existing products.

For example: If the Pre order is open from 22.01.2021 - 25.01.2021 at 23:59. Then we will start sending orders from the warehouse, starting from 01.02.2021.

Only products that are placed in the new Pre order section can be ordered. Products from old Pre order - not approved. We reserve the right to return money or replace products.

What is "Pre order "Fresh""?

From the created offer you can order as many products as you want. You can shop from 1 July till 4 July. Delivery of the products will start on 17.07-18.07.2021. Choose delivery "Direct delivery "Fresh" NL 17.07.-18.07.21. for the Netherlands or "Direct delivery "Fresh" BE 17.07.-18.07.21. for Belgium. You can also add other products from store to your order. Delivery routes will be published on 16.07. on our Facebook page: Letse snoepjes

Why i can't to see the Pre order and Pre order Fresh section?

If a "Pre order" and Pre order Fresh section aren't visible, it means they aren't open yet or we haven't opened them for some reason.

What is section "Cold&Fresh (with direct delivery)"?

In this section you will find various temperature-controlled products, for example, meat products, sausages, milk products, etc. We deliver products from this section on weekends only with our own transport (choose delivery "Direct delivery NL" for the Netherlands or "Direct delivery BE" for Belgium).

What is "Direct delivery NL" or "Direct delivery BE"?

This form of delivery ensures that the delivery is done by Letse snoepjes courier with refrigerated car. We deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium. Delivery routes are published on Facebook page: Letse snoepjes

What is "Evening delivery Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen (order till 15:00, get after 18:00)"?

This delivery method ensures that residents of Schiedam, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen who place their order daily before 15:00 will receive it at their address in the evening of the same day after 18:00. Only is not possible to order Home made meals. Home made meals are available only on weekends deliveries. Price - 1,99 euro.

How quickly is the order processed?

Your order will be processed within 2/3 business day. Orders on Saturday and Sunday are processed, but the processing time can take up to 2 days because it is not possible to send the shipment immediately to the delivery service. Orders placed during the weekend are sent on Thuesday/Wednesday.

Is it safe to pay in our online store?

Yes, in our online store, we use Mollie as an intermediary to provide our customers with secure payment systems. You can pay with Ideal, PayPal, Bancontact, Klarna, KBC/CBC, Giropay and bank cards.

How do I know if the order was successful?

If the order has been placed, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us with the order confirmation.

What should I do if I fail to make a payment with the payment methods available in the online store?

If you are unable to make a payment using any of the payment methods listed, please contact us by email: info@letsesnoepjes.nl We will send you your order and our details and you will be able to make a payment to our bank account or paypal account. As soon as we have received the payment from you, we will manually confirm your order.

How do I know if my order has been shipped from stock?

If the order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive our automatic e-mail that the order has been shipped. The email will also contain information about the tracking code. "Direct delivery" delivery routes will be posted on our Facebook page on Friday evening around 10 p.m.: Letse snoepjes

Which delivery service is used and to which countries are sent?

Delivery is via DPD, DHL, UPS or via POST NL. If you want to order to another country, then contact us by e-mail: info@letsesnoepjes.nl

Due to the long queue at British customs, we are not currently sending to England and their islands, as well as to Ireland.

What to do if the courier service has lost / damaged your order?

  1. If your shipment is lost, send the following information to e-mail: info@letsesnoepjes.nl 
  • Your application in free form - in Dutch or English
  • Order number
  1. If your order is damaged, send the following information to e-mail: info@letsesnoepjes.nl 
  • Your application in free form - in Dutch or English
  • Order number
  • Pictures with all damages - box from the outside, box from the inside and damaged products

Can the product be exchanged?

Food can not be returned, food falls outside the right of withdrawal.

Broken chocolate or chips, what to do?

We give no breakage guarantee on chocolate bars and chips. It is not possible to return a broken bar or chips.

What to do if there is an mistake in your order or you have any other complaints?

Write to us by e-mail: info@letsesnoepjes.nl  and we will look for a solution together.


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